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Park District

Amsterdam is a green city, and includes over 30 landscaped parks, varying in size from one hectare (Wertheim Park in the Plantage area) to 1000 hectares (the Amsterdamse Bos, a landscape woodland park laid out in the 1930s).

Besides the famous Vondelpark, the lovely Sarphatipark, Beatrixpark and Oosterpark are ringed by spacious, often luxurious homes and the parks are great for running, relaxing and often have exhibitions, galleries and occasional concerts.

It has been estimated that Amsterdam houses around 360000 trees. Some of its trees are even considered monuments, like the Anne Frank tree. Amsterdam’s many trees help keep the city cool and provide shelter for people, birds and insects. Trees in the city also absorb harmful gases such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide, and reduce street-level particulates by 60%.

Due to its many trees, Amsterdam is a breathing, living city. Amsterdam Beautiful offers a number of spacious park-side short stay apartments. Due to their proximity to the parks, all are particularly attractive to stay in – especially if you’re looking to try one of the 5 Best Jogging routes of the city.

Vondelpark apartments Amsterdam


Amsterdam has 165 canals, 80 bridges across the canals, and counts 2500 houseboats. The canals and port of Amsterdam cover a quarter of its total area, making Amsterdam the city with the most water surface in the world.

With its 8,863 houses and buildings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries there is no better place to enjoy the city from the water, and preferably from the spacious comfort of a houseboat, houseark or luxury water villa.

Corporate accommodation on the canal? Modern housearks and houseboats are often as luxurious and well-equipped for living in as any apartment, and frequently offer more outside space. Amsterdam provides the ideal opportunity to try a houseboat for short term rental. You won’t be the first to never want to leave again!


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