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Guest Information and House Rules

We select our homes with care and attention, and are proud of the selection we offer.

Amsterdam Beautiful corporate accommodation is about creating a hospitable, comfortable and memorable experience for you, it’s guests. That said, we also want a guest’s stay in any one of our apartments to be a pleasant experience for the landlord and the neighbors too!

Each apartment may have its own particular rules. These will be communicated to you when you are met by the landlord or one of our hosts.

Treating a home and its contents with the same respect as if it were your own is the golden rule.
The silver rule is that neighbors should never be disconvenienced by your stay.

Why? The Amsterdam municipality tolerates short stay lets and issues permits to landlords to let on short term rental basis. However if complaints are received due to disturbances caused in connection to short term lets the permit can be revoked.

BOOKING DEPOSIT: In order to be able to stay in one of our apartments, you (or your company/organisation) will have paid a liability deposit.

This covers any damages that may inadvertently be caused during your stay, or in case the apartment is left as if a bomb went off, and we need to send in our ninja cleaning team to get it back in shape. As this could well lead to a loss of rental revenue for the landlord (think: new guests waiting impatiently as the cleaners pick up the pieces) we reserve the right to account for loss of revenue due to missed bookings or upgrades.

Our rules are handily listed in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS but below are the

Rules of thumb (Dutch: vuistregels):

MINIMUM AGE: You must be 23 years or older to lease an apartment through Amsterdam Beautiful.


  • Once you have booked, it’s important to pay within 48 hours so we can send you and the landlord confirmation of your stay.
  • For contracts with a duration of up to 30 days the duration is considered fixed, with no possibility for early termination.
  • For a booking of up to 60 nights we expect a full advance payment of the total booking. For longer periods please check if monthly rental payments are permitted.
  • Down payments are non-refundable when cancelling after 48 hours following the confirmation.

CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT: In life, not everything goes according to plan, or how we want it. We know modern life all too well. Want to check in early because your flight company likes flying at ungodly hours?

Are you leaving on the late flight and want to leave your luggage in the apartment with your phone and tablet recharging before the trip? Want to visit a last museum? Check-ins and check-outs outside of standard operating times can be booked online and in advance.

That said, we can’t be held responsible for lock-out situations due to non-communication and arrivals beyond reasonable expectation. Text us, shoot an e-mail, Skype, text message or send a satellite call, just let us know you can’t arrive when you’re expected and we’ll find a way to work with it.

JUST IN CASE: We suggest that you ensure that your travel insurance covers No Show and Cancellation Costs.

GOOD THINGS / ADD-ONS: Want a new set of clean and crispy sheets? Or want your dinner jacket pressed or shirt ironed? That can be arranged online too. Offers and services vary. Log into your account to check the possibilities.

LONG STAY: Love Amsterdam too? Check with us, we’re rental specialists with over 15 years experience and a formidable selection of Amsterdam long stay apartments.

DISTURBANCES: Loud music will result in a warning and fine in case of disturbance. Security personnel will be called to evict the principle guest if we receive a second complaint of loud music.

Our apartments are not permitted to be used for gatherings and/or parties.

We do not levy fines lightly, but this can also happen. Unless specifically indicated by us or the landlord, smoking is not permitted in any of our apartments.

DAMAGE: Accidents happen. Damages to the apartment caused by the principle guest, or accompanying guests, are the responsibility of the principle guest. Once made damages need to be fixed. This costs us and the landlord time to arrange, often involving handymen, and this often means that an apartment is not fully available, or equipped for use, which means lost revenue. Damages to an apartment therefore may include handyman costs, our or the landlord’s time, replacement costs and revenue loss.

RULES: We do not evict renters lightly, but this can happen. We have security personnel on call to expedite this if necessary.

Rules which once broken can lead to evicition are as follows:

We do not tolerate escorts or prostitutes in any of our apartments. This will lead to eviction, which also carries a fine.

We do not tolerate the use of drugs in our apartments. Amsterdam is known as a tolerant city, and there are venues where certain forms of drug use is tolerated, but the use of drugs in our apartments – including smoking cannabis or hashish – is not permitted. The use may lead to evicition, and but will certainly lead to a fine and loss of deposit.

The use of hard drugs will lead to eviciton, and may well end up involving the police.

A dinner party for your colleagues or employees with maximum 6 guests is permitted, but please inform our concierge in advance so we can inform the landlord and get his or her own approval, and possibly to inform the neighbors.

General guidelines

We have a number of general rules applicable to all our apartments.

ENERGY: Turn down the central heating in the winter when you go out. Heating is complimentary within the terms of reasonable use, but in the Netherlands heating is expensive. Apartments are generally efficient so it will not take long to warm them up when you come in from outside.

Please turn off lights and appliances when going outside, this includes the dryer. This is both for fire safety as well as energy saving reasons.

No pets are allowed in apartments unless specifically communicated by the landlord.

REFUSE/GARBAGE/RUBBISH: In Amsterdam there are two systems for refuse disposal and collection. Check the iAmsterdam website for the most up to date info.

Underground containers: You will find containers for GLAS and PAPIER all around town – these are for glass and paper. Outside the city center you will also find containers for RESTAVAL these are for your general refuse. PLASTIC is best to separate and can be deposited in big ORANGE bins which you will find around town.

Street deposit: In the city center and various other parts of town, refuse is collected twice a week at set times, usually between 6am and 8pm. Days will vary according to which part of town you are in. Check the city’s handy refuse collection map for the exact days refuse is collected. For OUD ZUID there is also a MAP.

ACCESS: Do not permit access to the building, or the apartment to strangers. When someone rings the bell check first who it is. If you do not know them do not open the door. No explanation is needed. Do not permit strangers to access the common areas of a building unless they themselves have a key to the building.

Amsterdam Beautiful – or in some cases the landlord him or herself – will contact you in case we wish to schedule maintenance by a plumber, handyman or electrician.

INVENTORY: Please do not leave things in the apartment that do not belong there. Each inventory is carefully chosen. It goes without saying that inventory must also not be taken from the apartment. This may lead to replacement costs and the time it takes to find/buy/replace the inventory in the apartment.

KEYS Any and all keys must be returned at the end of the rental period. The loss of keys means the deduction of the cost of a new lock and of 5 new sets of keys from the liability deposit.

OVERSTAY: Should you want to stay longer, just let us know well in advance, we can arrange it, or else arrange an even better place for you to rent in case. But do please let us know. Stay longer than the specific period set out in the invoice and a forfeit of €.450 per day will be charged, per day.

LIABILITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of between €.350 and €.500 is due with each reservation. This needs to be paid in advance before you check in.

REGISTRATION: The flats we rent out are for short stay only. You can not register yourself as living in them. Guest(s) are under no circumstances allowed to register at the municipality on the address of the rented property. Need to find a place for long stay? Check with us, we know what’s good and we have long experience in leasing property.

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