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Amsterdam Short Term Corporate Rental

Corporate Corporate Stay specialises in temporary rentals of upmarket renovated homes for periods of 2 months to 6+ months.

Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental is a licensed rental broker with over 15 years of experience. We help landlords in Amsterdam to rent out their property for periods of several months to several years. We are known for our tasteful apartments and customer-friendly, yet professional services.

In response to increasing demand, Amsterdam Beautiful Corporate Stay now mediates in Amsterdam short term interim rental of luxury homes for periods from several weeks to multiple months. We focus on the higher segment of corporate rental, particularly interim stay lettings to expat businessmen who are looking for high quality corporate accommodation in Amsterdam.

Higher revenues

Are you looking into the possibilities of short term rental? Do you currently let your apartment, house, houseboat or other accommodation? Are you planning to leave on a business trip or vacation for two months or more?

Short term rental comes with better prices than long-stay rentals. Guests who need temporary accommodation pay per night just like in a hotel.  A good occupancy rate generates substantially higher rental income than long term rent.

Short term lease offers two major benefits: it leads to higher income and it allows you to make use of your home which is an attractive bonus for owners of a pied-a-terre.

Through expert management it is also possible to make regular improvements on your home.

Owners association (VVE) and Short Stay

Are you hesitant to rent out your home for short-stay use? Maybe the owners association of your building prefers to refrain from renting out to tourists who are staying for only a couple of days and who tend to use their holiday venue intensively? We do not rent to tourists.

Our target group consists of business people who regularly are homeowners themselves. People renting corporate accommodation tend use their temporary housing with consideration and modesty. This means that energy consumption is considerably lower and the house generally suffers less wear and tear.

There is therefore little reason not to discuss the subject of corporate apartment rental at the next owner’s meeting.

Additionally, a property that is occupied has advantages over a vacant apartment when it comes to safety and maintenance. Non-disruptive short term tenancy should be an attractive concept to neighbours.

It could be advantageous for both you and the building’s co-owners to rent out apartments during brief stays abroad.

And as long as temporary subletting is incidental, there is no need for a short-stay permit. Home owners have every right to rent out their property for periods of a few months, as long as this is not done on a regular basis.

With sufficient advance notice, Amsterdam Beautiful Corporate Stay can advertise and manage these bookings for you.

Amsterdam Regulations & Short Stay

Amsterdam short term vacation rental rules: You may temporarily rent out your home to tourists or businesspeople for up to 30 days per year, provided you are registered at the address. You can of course also rent out your home to expatriates for shorter periods.

As with long term rental, short stay letting on a regular basis is subject to regulation, especially in Amsterdam. An apartment needs to be in the ‘free’ private sector, and no one is allowed to be registered as living at the address in question. Regular short term rental requires a short-stay permit because this activity is considered commercial exploitation. For rentals of maximum 30 nights no permit is required. For incidental rentals, such as during an extended business trip we draw up leasing agreements, and no permit is required.

If the apartment you are thinking about letting is an inherent but self-contained part of your home, you may want to rent it out as a bed and breakfast. We can advise you this option as well.

Property Management & Investors

Since short stay exploitation is viewed by the Dutch tax authority as asset management, the income generated by Amsterdam short term vacation rental is taxed in Box I: income related to work and home, unless it concerns investment properties which are taxed in Box III.

If you happen to own multiple accommodations which you do not actively exploit, it can yield considerable tax benefits to hand them over for exploitation to a professional property manager like Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Check-in / check-out & Property Management

Amsterdam Beautiful provides management services including professional check-in / check-out and cleaning services for Amsterdam short term corporate rental. This ensures you are never faced with unpleasant surprises and your short stay property is always ready, well maintained and clean for new arrivals.

We also provide more extensive property management services and due to our extensive experience in the housing industry, we have excellent contacts with painters, plumbers, handymen and contractors. Should you wish to have your apartment completely renovated and/or styled for short stay leasing, we have experts at hand to accomplish just that.

Stylish apartments

We are always looking for new self-contained apartments with modern bathrooms, kitchens and separate bedroom(s). Our assortment of homes ranges from small accommodations with a stylish finish right up to the top segment with multiple bathrooms and luxury finish.

We are keen to offer homes with a special touch, so should you need styling advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Two options

We offer homeowners various choices:

Together: We take care of guests, bookings and payments, you welcome the customers and say goodbye when they leave. You provide photos of the apartment, a dual-language description and a clear list of the amenities. You arrange for cleaning, using either your own or our cleaning staff to prepare the apartment for the next booking.

Full service: We take care of everything related to the rental of your property. You prefer to enjoy your home when it suits you. You would rather someone else takes care of booking, cleaning, maintenance and financial administration for you. In short, you would like your property to be in safe hands and rented out with an excellent return on your investment.

We also provide advice on styling, regulations and housing permits. As regards the presentation of your home: we can arrange for professional photos and a catchy description for your home.


Amsterdam Beautiful is an established property rental company licensed by the Department of Work and Income Amsterdam under number HW90768. As experienced mediators, we will support you in the temporary rental of your property for short duration, and also for longer rental periods.

Are you looking for a specialist for longer rentals than 6 months, please contact us, Amsterdam Property Rental has over 10 years experience in long stay rentals.


Would you prefer to discuss in person? You are welcome to come by our office in the lovely Rivierenbuurt of Amsterdam Oud Zuid.

Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental is an established expat accommodation home rental company with over 10 years experience and is licensed by the Housing Department Amsterdam under number HW 90768. As experienced mediators, we will support you in temporary rental of your home; serviced, non-serviced, short stay and long stay. If you have any questions please call us on: +31 (0)20 330 7338

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